Y3180H ordinary CNC gear hobbing machine can process straight and helical cylindrical gears, worm gears, sprockets and short spline shafts. It is suitable for single-piece, small batch or batch production of gear factories. The machine tool has excellent structure, strong rigidity, good working accuracy, convenient operation and simple adjustment; it can work according to down milling or up-milling. The machine tool is equipped with an automatic shutdown mechanism, a safety device and an automatic lubrication system. According to the special order of the user, imported hydraulic components can be equipped; a tangential tool post can also be provided to process the worm gear by tangential feed.
  YM3180H ordinary CNC gear hobbing machine, its processing range and working performance are the same as Y3180H, and the working accuracy is improved by one level or more.
  YB3180H semi-automatic gear hobbing machine, the processing range and work performance are the same as Y3180H. The machine tool adopts PLC control and only needs one adjustment to complete the processing in batches in an automatic cycle. It has an automatic tool shifting mechanism, which can improve the service life of the hob.
  Y3180H/1 gear hobbing machine is a special machine tool for raising the rear column for easy hobbing of shaft gears. Its performance is the same as that of Y3180H.
   YM3180H and YB3180H machine tools can be specially ordered with a tangential tool post for tangential feed processing of worm gears.