There are great similarities in the structure and process of machining objects, but there are also great differences due to the existence of CNC system. Compared with ordinary lathe, CNC lathe has the following characteristics:

  1. Full or semi closed protective devices are used. The use of closed protection device can prevent chips or cutting fluid from flying out, which may cause accidental injury to the operator.
  2. Adopt automatic chip removal device. Most CNC lathes adopt inclined bed structure layout, which is convenient for chip removal and convenient for automatic chip removal machine.
  3. High spindle speed, safe and reliable workpiece clamping. Hydraulic chuck is adopted, the adjustment of clamping force is convenient and reliable, and the labor intensity of the operator is reduced at the same time.
  4. Automatic tool change. The automatic turning tool holder is adopted, which can automatically change the tool in the process of machining and continuously complete the machining of multiple processes.
  5. The main and feed transmission are separated. The main drive and feed drive of CNC lathe adopt their own independent servo motor, which makes the drive chain simple and reliable. At the same time, each motor can not only move alone, but also realize multi axis linkage. Made by Autodesk, Autodesk is the world’s leading design software and digital content creation company for architectural design, land resource development, production, utilities, communications, media and entertainment. Founded in 1982, Autodesk provides design software, Internet portal services, wireless development platform and fixed-point applications.