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lathe machine CW6166

£15,000.00 £14,800.00

CW6180B ordinary lathe is a general and standard automatic metal processing equipment, which can perform semi-finishing and finishing of mechanical parts. It has the characteristics of reliable structure, convenient operation, economical and practical, etc., suitable for turning inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces and other rotations. Face, turning metric, inch module and warp joints and other threads. It is a commonly used CNC machining equipment in the field of machining

CW6180B ordinary lathe performance characteristics:

High-quality and high-strength cast iron casting overall bed has good rigidity and high precision

The surface of the guide rail is treated with super-audio frequency quenching, which has high hardness and long life.

The carriage adopts the rail surface pasting technology, which has good wear resistance and high precision


CNC systems such as Siemens, Fanuc, Guangshu and Kanedi, fully enclosed protective cover, vertical and horizontal turret

Standard configuration

Four-station electric tool post, automatic centralized lubrication system, air-conditioning system, semi-enclosed protective cover

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Product description

Max. swing over bed630mm(660)800mm1000mm1200mm
Max. swing over gap830mm(880)1000mm1200mm1400mm
Max. swing over cross slide345mm480mm680mm880mm
Distance between centers1000, 1500, 2000, 3000,4000, 5000, 6000, 8000, 10000, 12000mm
Width of bed600mm
Spindle holeφ105mm
Spindle taperφ120mm     1:20
Spindle speeds7.5-1000r/min5.5-730r/min
Gear Box-Threads&Feeds
Metric threads1-240mm
Inch threads TPI1-14
Module threads0.5-120mm
Diametral threads DP1-28
Longitudinal feeds range0.1-24.3mm/r
Cross feed range0.05-12.5mm/r
Rapid feed: long/cross4000mm/min, 2000mm/min
Tool section32*32mm
Cross slide travel370mm430mm
Compound rest travel200mm
Tail Stock
Sleeve diameterφ100mmφ120mm
Sleeve taperM6
Sleeve travel240mm
Steady Rest
Follow restφ20-200mm
Main motor11kw/15kw
Rapid feed motor1.1kw
           CW Series Lathe Machine

Net Weight(kg)


1000mm                    4600kg                  3000*1170*1250
1500mm                    5000kg                 3500*1170*1250
2000mm                   5200kg                  4000*1170*1250
3000mm                   5800kg                  4000*1170*1250
4000mm                   6400kg                  6000*1170*1250
5000mm                   7000kg                  7000 *1170*1250
6000mm                   7600kg                  8000*1170*1250
8000mm                   9000kg                10000 *1170*1250
12000mm               11700kg                14000*1170*1250
Swing over bed1250mm1600mm1800mm2000mm2200mm
Bed width755mm755/1100mm1100mm
Workpiece length1500/ 3000/ 5000/ 6000/ 8000/ 15000mm
Swing over toolpost865mm1200mm1400mm1600mm1800mm
Max. turning length1300/ 2800/ 4800/5800/7800/14800mm
Toolpost feed kinds each spindle rotate56 kinds
Toolpost cross feed range each spindle rotate0.1-12mm/r
Toolpost longitudinal feed range each spindle rotate0.05-6mm/r
Upper toolpost0.025-3mm/r
Metric thread43 kinds 1-20mm
Inch thread29 kinds 28-3/8 teeth / inch
Module thread45kinds 0.5-60mm
Pitch thread25 kinds 1-56mm
Spindle bore130mm
Spindle front taperMetric 140
Spindle speed steps and range forward21 kinds 2-200r/min
                                              Reverse12 kinds 2.24-178 r/min
Max.section of tool45×45mm
Toolpost longitudinal travel630mm
Upper toolpost travel300mm
Toolpost rapid movement Longitudinal/Cross/Upper3470/1870/935mm/min
Center sleeve dia and travel160×300mm210×300mm
Tailstock taperMT6Metric 80
Tailstock longitudinal movement±25
Main motorY180L-4 22KW
Main transsion V belt specification2134C  2235C  2540C2540C  2880C
Carriage rapid motorJC02-21-2-1.5KW
Coolant pumpJCB-45 0.15KW
Coolant pump flow45L/min
4-jaw chuck1000/1250mm1250/1400mm
Steady rest50-470mm50-600mm
Follow rest50-220mm

Standard accessories

1Light-duty four-jaw chuck 1250
2Main spindle center   Morse 6
3Main spindle center sleeve
4Tailstock center      Morse 6
6Socket head wrench fixed by four-jaw chuck
7Steady rest 50-470
8Follower rest   50-220
9Adjusting bolt os shim plate
10Anchor bolt(Including nut and gasket)
11Electrical cabinet
12Oil gun
13Double-headed solid wrench

Additional information

Weight2000 kg
Dimensions2000 × 600 × 150 cm


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