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Normal CNC Horizontal Milling and Boring Machine for Metal

Horizontal Tpx6111 Tpx6113 Normal CNC Milling Boring Machine for Metal

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Product description

Horizontal Tpx6111 Tpx6113 Normal CNC Milling Boring Machine for Metal

spindleBoring spindle diametermm110110110130130
Spindle taperMorse No 6(ISO7:24 50#)Morse No 6(ISO7:24 50#)Morse No 6(ISO7:24 50#)Metric 80(ISO7:24 50#)Metric 80(ISO7:24 50#)
Max. spindle torqueN.m12251225122531363136
Max. spindle thrustN1225012250122503136031360
Number of spindle speed2222222424
Range of spindle speedr/min8-10008-10008-10004-8004-800
Power of main motorkW7.57.57.51515
Facing headMax. facing head torqueN.m19601960196049004900
Facing head diametermm600600600750750
Range of facing head speedr/min4-2004-2004-2002.5-1252.5-125
Number of facing head speed1818181818
Table workingTable working surface(L*W)mm1100*9601100*9601250*11001600*14001800*1600
Max. permissible load on tablekg250025003000800010000
T-slot sizemm22*722*722*728*928*11
Range of workingmax. travel of x axismm9001250160016002000
max. travel of Yaxismm900900120014001800
max. travel of Z axismm14001400140020002000
Max. traverse of boring spindlemm600600600900900
Travel of facing slidemm180180180250250
Table working change360360360360360
Distance between spindle to table surfacemm0-9000-9000-12000-14000-1800
FeedRapid speedmm/min25002500250025002500
Range of spindle, headstock and table feeds per speedmm/rev0.04-6 /0.01-1.880.04-6 /0.01-1.880.04-6 /0.01-1.880.04-6 /0.01-1.880.04-6 /0.01-1.88
AccuracyPositioning accuracymm0.0050.0050.0050.0050.005
Positioning accuracymm0.0010.0010.0010.0010.001
Overall dimensions (L*W*H)mm4910*2454*27504910*2870*27505120*3380*31006995*3647*34427030*4665*3800
Net weightkg1300014500180002450029300


The TPX series horizontal milling and boring machines are based on a classic design, suitable for rough and finished boring, capable of milling large and box type components. They excel at inner hold boring, cylindrical turning and grooving by radial feed of facing plate. A 4*90 optical positioning device allows for machining accuracy when turning large pieces. The precision digital read out measurement systems ensure accuracy of coordinates and lineation.
1. Bed:  Our high quality castings feature polished and hardened guideways. The castings are internally reinforced to maximize rigidity and stability.
2. Control Panel:  Available in hanging or swing-arm arrangements, the control panel is easy to use and reduce operator fatigue.
3. Internal Design:  Easy to install, steady, and precise with a fully-enclosed structure to prevent oil, coolant, and chip intrusion.
4. Control System:  PLC
5. Column:  Made of high quality castings with ground and hardened guideways, the optimized structural design easily supports the assembly.
6. Protective Enclosure:  Welded high quality steel plates form an excellent protective cover.
7. Hydraulic System:  Pressure adjusted via relief value. Variable speed achieved via a rotary value.
8. Headstock:  Primary speed is controlled via switches on the headstock itself, a variety of rotational speeds are possible.



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