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VMC650 VMC850 VMC1060 CNC Milling Machine

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Product introduction and purpose

The product is X, Y, Z three-axis servo direct-controlled semi-closed loop vertical machining center, X, Y, Z axis for Taiwan silver linear guide, rail wide, large span, compact structure and dimensions compact spindle Servo motor driven by timing belt. The utility model can process a variety of processes such as drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, rigid tapping and the like for complex parts such as various plates, plates, shells, cams and dies and the like, Small batch production, to meet the complex, high-precision parts processing. Can be equipped with the fourth axis of rotation to meet the processing requirements of special parts

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Product description

Main dataunitVMC1060LVMC850LVMC650LVMC600L(450L)
Spindle center to column guidemm660610550500
Spindle nose to table distancemm130-780150-700150-650150-650
XYZ travel motor20/20/2011/11/207/7/157/7/15
TableTable sizemm1300*6001000*500900*400900*350(1000*320)
Max Loadkg1000650500450
SpindleSpindle speedrpm8000800080008000
Spindle boringBT40BT40BT40BT40
Spindle powerkw11/157.5/115.53.75/5.5
Tool changeTool Number24(mechanical arm)24(mechanical arm)16(funnel type)16(funnel type)
Change speedsec1.
FeedXYZ fast feedM/min24242020
Spindle feedM/min8888
AccuracyXYZ Accuracymm0.005/3000.005/3000.001/3000.001/300
Repeat AccuracyXmm0.0040.0030.0030.003
Machine sizemm3250*2500*27502700*2350*26002400*2100*23002380*2000*2300
Machine weightkg8500650041003300
Electricity demand(Power/Electric current)Kw/A25/6020/5012/5012/50

Additional information

Weight3000 kg
Dimensions2000 × 1500 × 2500 cm


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