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Y3150 Gear hobbing Machine

Main feature
1. The rolling machine is suitable for processing various cylindrical spur gears, helical gears and worm gears.
2. The machine tool is easy to adjust and operate, and can be used for straight and up-down milling to improve the production efficiency of the machine tool.
3 The machine tool is also equipped with 73 fast moving devices and an automatic stop mechanism when cutting ends. The operation set is easy to maintain.
4. In order to enable users to process moth wheels and small-diameter gears easily, efficiently, and specially, a single-axis CNC system has been added. The system is programmed, easy to operate, stable and reliable.
Note that this is a series of products produced by the former.

Product description


Main technical parameters Y3150/YK3150
Max working modulesteel (mm) 5
 Cast iron(mm) 6
Max diameter cutting straight Spur gear with column (mm) 350
 without column (mm) 500
Max diameter cutting  Cylindrical helical gearRotation angle 30° 370mm
Rotation angle45° 250mm
Max vertical travel of hob (mm) 260
Max length of cutting (mm) 240
Distance from hob spindle to worktable surface (mm) Max(mm)320
Min(it is 30 mm when the distance from hob spindle to worktable surface less than 85mm) mm25
Minimum distance from worktable surface to hob spindle axis (mm) 170
The changeable Diameter of hob spindle(mm) 22  27  32
Max diameter of hob (mm) 120
Diameter of workingtable hole (mm) 60
Diameter of worktable mandrel (mm) 30
Speed of Hob main spindle  Grade 8
 Range (r/min) 50-275
The vertical feed of hob 0.24-4.25 mm/r
Main motor power 3 kw
Main motor speed 1430 r/min
Pump motor power 0.125 kw
Pump motor speed 2790 r/min
 Net weight (inclusive all standard accessories) 2500/2700 kg
Size(L*W*H)mm 1825*935*1730
1Main machine1 set
2hob arbor assemblies of Ø32 and Ø40one set/each
3change gearsa complete set
4tools for installation and setup1 set
5Dead Center1 pc
6Documents1 set


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